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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 19, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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the deadly crash happened in oakland early saturday. good evening everyone, i'm vicki liviakis. tonight we are learning more about the crash victim.wesley burton. who was a local radio host. kron-4's emily turner is live at the k-p-f-a radio station where burton worked. emily what do we know? >> reporter: we know police are looking for the driver of a dodge charger.and we know the folks who knew and loved wesley burton are worried about the family he's leaving behind. he should have been here tonight, at kpfa he was a 36 year old board operator and co host of a local program that spotlighted local musicians. he was also the father of three and a husband. now, he's gone and just look at the wreckage. police say a dodge charger- the white car- was speeding down 60th and slammed into burton's car on martin luther king. the drivers left the scene and burton was pronounced dea right there. it happened around three am on saturday. and last night, this radio station sent out a message to its fans about his death and
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remembering him- tonight at eleven i talk with his best friend and co host. live in berkeley, emily turenr kron 4 news. >> vicki: the search continues for two missing people following a deadly boating accident in marin county. this is video of the search yesterday from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c 7 news. on saturday. officials recovered the bodies of windsor resident diane kelly and santa rosa resident richard hargreaves. the search for the fishing party launched after someone reported that the boaters hadn't returned to dock near bodega bay. crews later found the missing boat, overturned near tomales point. 20 years after the oklahoma city bombing.the city's scars remain. citizens of oklahoma city honored the memory of those killed in the bombing of the federal building there twenty years ago. ryan nobles from our partnership with c-n-n- has more on how the city remembered all they had lost.
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>> reporter: one by one the names were read out loud. 160 people killed in 1995.citizens of oklahoma city honored the memory of those killed in the bombing of the federal building there twenty years ago. ryan nobles has more on how the city remembered all they had lost. one by one the names were read outloud. 168 people killed on april 19, 1995. in the worst domestic terrorism incident in u-s history. thousands attended this solemn memorial to mark the two decades since the tragedy, and to make sure the legacy of those killed in the attack will never be forgotten. >> "when you strip away all the things that divide us, it's important to remember, how tied we are and how much we all americans owe oklahoma city."
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>> reporter: former president bill clinton was in office when the bomb went off in 1995. today he marvels at how far oklahoma city has come. >> "for 20 years you have honored the memories of your loved ones, you have inspired us with the power of your renewal you have reminded us that we should all live by the oklahoma standard." >> reporter: then-governor frank keating oversaw the recovery effort. he believes that the bombing did not build the character of the people of oklahoma. he said it revealed what was already there. >> "it was astonishing to me that it was a universal culture of sharing." >> reporter: those who lived through the tragedy say this city will never be the same. its people changed forever. but their resilience and commitment have never wavered. and this memorial demonstrates just how far they have come. in oklahoma city, i'm ryan nobles reporting. >> vicki: a day after taking game one in their first-round playoff series at oracle arena. kron four's philippe djegal reports the golden state warriors are in good spirits. but still focused on the big picture. >> phillipe: the road to the championship for the golden state warriors continues here at their practice facility in oakland. the warriors say that they're happy to come away with a victiory against the pelicans in game one.
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but there are a lot of things they have to clean up defensively and offensively if they wait to come away with a win in game two. >> "we got off to a good couple runs there in that game. they counter punched and we did what we needed to do to win the game. so, we're one and oh in the series and that's always good." >> phillipe: head coach steve kerr says, in practice sunday, his starters didn't push max effort -- and he didnt want them to. at this point of the season, the guys are just trying to stay sharp and rested for game-time. >> "go watch a movie, go read a book, go relax. a big part of the playoffs is to free up your mind and relax." the fleetsomething his players are taking to heart. >> phillipe: knowing now that they're in the post-season, like saturday. minutes on the floor will increase. >> "i feel like i was in a bubble the whole year. you know, coach managed my minutes very well. um, averaged mid-20s the whole season and i'm feeling the benefits of it -- my body feels good." >> "we got through this season well and i feel fresh, and i feel ready to go for the playoff run." >> "there's no more back to backs, no more 4 and 5. so i think us, this is the time of the year where if you can come in relatively healthy, think it'll stay that way until the
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end of the season." >> phillipe: because in the end -- these guys are not only playing for themselves. rather, the entire bay area. >> sot- "people are really excited and its fun to walk around oakland and have people come up and clap and cheer and encourage and we're gonna try to keep it rolling." >> phillipe: in oakland, philippe djegal, kron four news. >> brian: temperatures were cool here. notice the low clouds and all the way up to the south bay . the ocean side of san francisco never cleared out and they're pushing into the bay. temperatures around the bay were upper fifties to low '70's
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. this trend will continue into the next few days as we will have lots of low clouds and pretty gray skies. we're looking right now grace guides. we will have clouds to start the day and slow clearance. san francisco could see clubs all day long. >> vicki: a 6.8 earthquake has struck the south of japan. so far no reports of any damage or injuries.tens of thousands celebrated san francisco's cherry blossom festival today.
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go well the trend >> reporter: wasn't easy jamming more than 50 thousand people into san francisco's japan town but it was a lot of fun doing it. the 48th northern california cherry blossom festival was the place to be on sunday to immerse yourself in all things japanese. like this family did from marin. >> we want to embrace the culture and take the opportunity to get dressed up >> reporter: organizers say it cost more than 300-thousand dollars to put on the event. but what they get back in terms of cultural identity and pride makes it more than worth it. this girl says it makes her even prouder to be of japanese descent.
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>> i enjoyed everybody loves my culture and is a very honorable / the food was amazingwith lines that seem to go on forever. but once they got a taste. it was more than worth the wait. >> come here every year a family and friends and we have a really good time here. >> reporter: cherry blossom is japan's way of celebrating the end of winter and the beginning of spring. the colors. the sounds.
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make up the pagaentry of one of san francisco's most popular parades. >> we have got to a maintain the tradition and japanese culture in this town. and we hope to get a lot of money to keep all this out. >> reporter: organizers called this year's festival a success..even before the parade was over. as long as people keep showing up, having fun. and learning about their cultural. then the festival will keep coming back. in san francisco will tran kron 4 news >> vicki: if you miss the parade and you can see coverage on our web site kron-4-dot-com coming up at eight. a fast-moving wildfire in southern california. we'll show you how nature is offering firefighters a helping hand. plus how bay area officials are preparing for april 20th .the unofficial day people celebrate the marijuana culture.
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what areas you might want to avoid. if you don't want to inhale. >> stanley: i said at once and now say it again. if you're writing dirty it's not a good to bring attention to yourself all explain in the next edition of people behaving badly
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>> vicki: cooler weather and the efforts of hundreds of firefighters are helping beat back an out-of-control wildfire in southern california. as of this afternoon.more than one thousands acres have been charred and the fire is only 35 percent contained. fire officials say an unattended cooking fire caused the blaze in the chino hills.and the drought isn't helping. although evacuations for more than 300 homes have been lifted.residents are still worried. >> i'm actually quite scared right now for my family
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>> vicki: the fire started last night around six p-m. officials say that the location of the blaze is an issue because it is hard to access and there is thick vegetation. more than 800 firefighters have helped battle the fire. no injuries have been reported. firefighters continue to tackle this widfire, trying to put it out. so far, no injuries have been reported. the cause of the fire is under investigation. california's drought appears to be taking a toll on a threatened fish species. state officials say they found one delta smelt during a survey this month.
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the survey typically turns up dozens of the fish. >> brian: notice and blue skies but the low clouds will make an early push into the they. the ferry fairly cloudy skies the beginning of the day. there is a weak weather system that is spinning out over the pacific. it is helping to prop up these thunderstorms in afternoon which will be in place for tomorrow tuesday wednesday. notice a lot of lightning strikes upper and i
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adn late tahoe and the southern sierra and yosemite. the low clouds already into the bay. for san francisco will take much of the day for the fog to clear. for tuesday it will be even fog your. midnight notice low clouds pushing all it to the altamont pass this. this will push trouble in to the sandlot team and sacramento valleys. most
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places will clear by noon but san francisco said fabio de. temperatures will go down as a result. upper 60s and low 70's for most of the valley. >> vicki: a man was found dead this morning. lying in the parking lot of a san bruno motel at around six a-m today.police responded to the budget 850 el camino investigate a report of an unresponsive man in the parking lot. according to authorities.emergency personnel treated the man and determined the victim was deceased. the victim's identity is being withheld until his next-of-kin
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is notified. >> stanley: i've said it once and i'll say it again if you are riding dirty don't bring attention to yourself. you are about to see what i mean shortly. this driver is getting searched by officer platzner of the city of richmond police department and i'll explain why in a second .first let's look at why he was stopped in the first place the driver was a solo driver in the carpool lane during the restricted hours with is 3pm to 7pm monday through friday so he gets pulled over and had a chat with the driver during the conversation the mini van has the strong odor or weed and a small baggie so the asked where is his medical marijuana card and to hand over the weed he confiscates the weed and places it in a sandwich bag nothing else alright sit tight for me alright in his possession was 7 dollars and 7 cents with of something know as shake weed but hey he had a physician's recommendation letter from southern california so that makes it legal, right? the actual ones are issued by the state but this is pretty common
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well it turns out its not legal at all, >> he had a little bag of weed so just going to pull him out to make sure nothing else is in the car do a little quick eval and send him on his way ok >> stanley: so for officer safety he gets searched and so does the mini van to see if there is anything else hiding in his grandparents mini van while he sits on the side of intersate 80. but it doesn't end there, this is when even i learned something new they proceed to give the driver the standard eye check , which if you are impaired your eye movements are involuntary so you can't fake it then this it's know as an pulse oximeter it measures your pulse and oxigen saturation in the blood . officer platz.ner wants a second opinion so officer sanchez has a look and he passes what is known as a field sobriety test but the driver is issued two tickets >> the citation is for the carpool violation in addition to
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being in passion of marijuana while driving this is a physician's recommendation but its not we consider a legal medical marijuana card the only legal ones are issued by the stare of california if you had one of these you would be allowed to process it but you still could be able to have it in the car >> stanley: both fines combined total just over 800 dollars but a dui tickets alone is well over 1600 dollars not including impound fees and legal fees oh and did i mention he was driving on a donut in richmond stanley roberts kron 4 news >> vicki: next. the big gas line explosion in fresno. new reports show it was inspected twice by p-g-and-e this month for leaks.and none were found. the >> jason: we will sit with the warriors longtime announcer. and we'll talk about lenny's roils and giants the diamondbacks. of
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lenny's royals
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>> vicki: friday's gas line explosion in fresno was inspected twice by p-g-and-e this month for leaks.and none were found. p-g-and-e said their crews conducted a ground survey of the pipe on april first and an aerial survey on april 16th. authorities said friday's blast occurred while a county equipment operator was building up a dirt berm. p-g-and-e detected a drop in pressure in the line seven minutes before it received a report of the explosion. the incident sent 11 people to the hospital with four of them suffering critical injuries. a man's dying wish. has to do with who he wants you to vote for. and celebrity meltdowns. we'll show you which ones are put ons.
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>> vicki: still ahead. a tweet cost a prominent researcher his seat on a united airlines san francisco-bound flight. what he said that got him kicked off. plus. a dramatic rescue caught on video. how police officers were able to save a woman trapped in a burning car. and a well known radio host killed in a hit and run in the east bay. who police are looking for tonight.
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>> vicki: taking a look at our top stories at the bottom of the hour. a husband and father of three has been killed in an east bay hit and run.and tonight police are still looking for the person responsible. the deadly crash happened in oakland early saturday morning on martin luther king way near 59th street. the crash victim.wesley burton. was a local radio host. he worked at k-p-f-a radio station in berkeley. it's been 20 years since the oklahoma city bombing.the country's worst act of domestic terrorism. several hundred people gathered at the former site of the oklahoma city federal building today to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the bombing there that killed 168 people. >> vicki: former president bill clinton, who was in office when the bomb went off in 1995, spoke to the victims and their families. timothy mcveigh was executed for carrying out the deadly attack. his accomplice, terry nichols is serving life in prison. today is the final day of san francisco's cherry blossom
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festival. the big cultural event wrapped up this afternoon in japantown. some 50 thousand people coming from all over the bay to enjoy the day. this is the 48th year of the event that celebrates japanese traditions. there was a parade, plenty of food, and of course the ever popular taiko drummers. organizers call this year's cherry blossom one of their biggest and best to date.
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>> vicki: the postal worker who landed a gyro-copter near the u- s capitol returned back to his home in rustin, florida. according to the tampa bay times.doug hughes had been planning this flight for two- and-a-half years. hughes' 80-mile stunt was in protest of campaign financing.calling his act a "civil disobedience". the mailman is being charged with operating an unregistered aircraft and vio fines by local news.
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a tweet cost a prominent researcher his seat on a united airlines san francisco-bound flight. researcher.chris roberts. suggested on twitter that onboard aircraft systems could be compromised. roberts was on his way to a computer security conference.when united would not allow him onboard. a united spokesman said roberts was denied for making "claims regarding manipulating aircraft system". roberts was detained by authorities last week for joking he could deploy the oxygen masks on a plane. a daring rescue by two police officers saved one new jersey woman's life. her car, overturned and about to explode, while she was belted inside, unconscious. christie duffy shows us the tense video of the two officers trying to get her out in time. >> reporter: a police cruiser takes off speeding down a winding, wooded road. a private citizen just tipparound the bend, smoke is already coming out of her car, a 2006 toyota solara convertible is now flipped upside down. but the driver is still inside. she's been knocked out cold. her horn stuck on blast. the two officers, mark
8:32 pm
ehrenberg and ricky ferriola, realize they need to get her out of there and fast. >> "i'm going to try and get her out." >> reporter: but they can't. with the car already starting to burn, her seatbelt has her trapped inside. >> "ahh!" >> reporter: two minutes later, the officers are struggling and the smoke is only getting thicker. they have to use a knife to cut off her seatbelt. they're finally able to pull her limp body from the wreck dragging her to safety. less than 30 seconds later the smoke is now billowing.and you can see flames. as the officers try to revive the woman across the street. >> "ma'am can you hear me?!" >> reporter: and just a couple minutes later? a small explosion. the car now fully engulfed. reporter: "why did you want the public to see this video?" >> "most importantly, if it wasn't for the citizen interaction by calling the police about an erratic driver, this woman who was driving it
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would have been a fatal motor vehicle accident." >> vicki: police say the woman they pulled from that car was 45-year-old dawn milosky of beachwood. police say she's now been charged with driving while intoxicated and that they found an open container of alcohol in the car. she was hospitalized after the accident, but now police say she's doing okay. severe storms continued today in the midwest and south with reports of thunderstorms.hail and even a forming tornado here is cell phone video from oklahoma where reports of rotating funnel clouds forming a tornado. although.there have been no reports of any tornados touching down. in alabama.thunderstorms have been ripping apart homes and several tornadoes have been spotted in the area. golf-ball sized- hail pummeled arkansas prompting numerous reports of damage to roofs and vehicles in the state.
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isis has released a new video that purportedly shows the killing of ethiopian christians in libya. the highly produced 30-minute video appears to show two groups of men dressed in orange and black jumpsuits. being killed separately in two different locations in the country. the search continues for survivors, after a ship with migrants capsized off the coast of libya on its way to europe. italian authorities say a distress call went out late saturday. indicating the ship was in trouble. prosecutors say a survivor has told them 950 people were aboard, including hundreds who were locked in the hold by smugglers. coming up, we'll show you why that bag of almonds might be to blame. california almonds crops extract a staggering price from the land and are getting roasted in drought debates.
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>> vicki: mike kron 4 story. a bike was stolen and owner offers $1,500. >> i a lot of both wheels and seat and looked out every couple minutes and all of a sudden my bike was gone. >> vicki: the owners training for the aids of life cycle germany to fight the disease. if you have a story would like us to look into the to our story it kron-4-dot-com and submit your
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idea. almonds consume more water than all indoor household water use of the entire california population. the state is entering its fourth year of drought and the six-billion dollar almond crop is driving a debate over water use.agricultural interests and how both affect the state economy. people around the world are now eating over one-thousand percent more california almonds than they did a decade ago. >> brian: i think that's because they're so delicious. we have some clouds of roaring into the bay tonight. low clouds bayside are making a quick push into the inland valley. notice the sea
8:39 pm
breeze whipping the flags to nine. that combined with the fog brings us some more volatile weather. it will be a " cool start for the day tomorrow. the clearing will take a while. for san francisco it may never clear the entire day. on tuesday will have even slower clearing. for wednesday things begin to change where we could see isolated showers and thunderstorms and pretty much the same story for thursday.
8:40 pm
this system is helping to deepen the fog bringing the cloudy and cool conditions. it is also helping the fire of some thunderstorms over the sierra. by midweek we will have another system break off and meet with another one that is affecting us. hopefully this will give it enough power to give us rein in moisture. temptress tomorrow are going to be cooler '60s a side seven pcs de. bayside cooler weather for the inland valleys.
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>> vicki: finding your roots. coming up, what slave-owning family member one famous actor would rather not have in his family tree
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>> vicki: a man who died asked for people not to vote for hillary clinton in his obituary . " brett >> reporter: the family line at
8:44 pm
the funeral asked that people respectfully not vote for hillary clinton. >> he talked to the television he tried to get things straightened out. they wouldn't listen to him. so now we finally get this is what he wanted the said. >> reporter: the obituary has become so controversial. >> we have got some very sui responses and some pretty nasty responses. it's fine we can take it.
8:45 pm
>> vicki: hillary clinton announced her presidential bid last week family tree. ben affleck requested that the pbs documentary series "finding your roots" not reveal he had a slave-owning ancestor, according to emails published online by whistleblower site wikileaks and the information never appeared on the program. pbs and the show's host henry louis gates say they didn't censor the slave-owner details. they say more interesting ancestors of the actor emerged and gates chose to highlight them in the october segment. they discuss their thinking surrounding the show in statements posted on the pbs website. wikileaks has put hundreds of thousands of emails and documents from last year's sony hack into a searchable online archive. among them, gates asks sony pictures co-chairman and chief executive michael lynton how to handle the star's request. affleck's rep didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. no.this isn't black friday. it's lilly pulitzer fans rushing target stores today for the roll-out of a limited edition designer collection. everything from dresses to shoes and housewares sold out in
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minutes. as long as it had the lilly pulitzer label attached. customers who tried to shop online had similar problems. the company says it had to temporarily take its website offline in order to slow down the traffic. shoppers frustrated by tech- problems and lack of inventory vented complaints on social media. the company has apologized for the inconvenience. talk show host doctor oz is facing new criticism from a group of physicians. the doctors from all over the country are calling oz's faculty position at columbia university's medical school "unacceptable." and they're calling on the school to drop oz. but now, as elizabeth cohen tells us, oz is fighting back. >> reporter: there's nothing ambiguous about doctor oz in the letter 10 doctors wrote to the dean of columbia university's medical school. >> "we are surprised and dismayed that columbia university's college of physicians and surgeons would permit doctor mehmet oz to occupy a faculty appointment. he has repeatedly shown disdain
8:47 pm
for science and for evidence- based medicine. he has manifested an egregious lack of integrity by promoting quack treatments and cures in the interest of personal financial gain." >> reporter: doctor joel tepper signed the letter. >> "he has touted many drugs as miracle drugs for weight loss, which causes people to spend huge amounts of money for treatments that have no benefit whatsoever for them." >> reporter: he said at most universities if someone did this. >> "that is grounds for dismissal." >> reporter: columbia university responded, telling c-n-n they won't stop faculty members from speaking their minds. in a statement today, oz said: "we provide multiple points of view, including mine, which is offered without conflict of interest. that doesn't sit well with certain agendas which distort the facts. " >> reporter: oz rose to fame on "oprah" as her go-to doctor and soon spun off his own successful tv show. it wasn't long before his flowery language and product promotion attracted controversy.
8:48 pm
the fda warned him in two separate letters that an upcoming episode about arsenic in apple juice was irresponsible and misleading. the government agency had conducted their own tests. two years later, the fda proposed limits for the maximum amount of arsenic levels allowed in the drink. last june, oz was brought before a senate subcommittee about his promotions for miracle weight loss cures. and called to the carpet. chairman, consumer protection cmte.: "i don't get why you need to say this stuff when you know it's not true. so, why, when you have this amazing megaphone, and this amazing ability to communicate, why would you cheapen your show by saying things like that?" >> "i actually do personally believe in the items i talk about on the show. i passionately study them. i give my audience the advice i give my family all the time, and i've given my family these products." >> reporter: the makers of one weight loss product touted on his show was sued by the federal trade commission for false advertising and settled for three-and-a-half-million dollars. a canadian study last year found only 46 percent of the medical recommendations on the doctor oz
8:49 pm
show are supported by evidence. all fodder for the doctors who are asking columbia university to re-think oz's position. elizabeth cohen, c-n-n, reporting.
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>> vicki: a famous actor's freakout turned out to be a fakeout. coming up, we have more on the celebrity meltdown that's more of a letdown. the cat's out of the bag. a famous actor's freakout turned out to be a fakeout. c-n-n's jeanne moos reports on the meltdown that was a letdown. multiple choice. pick the meltdown that turned out to be a hoax. was it "a".this baseball manager. >> reporter: "b".actor christian bale on set. >> reporter: "c" alec baldwin leaving a voicemail for his then preteen daughter. >> reporter: or "d" actor dennis quaid. "i am acting here and this bleephead wanders onto my set." >> reporter: if you said "d". >> ding ding ding >> reporter: you've probably been watching tv. >> i think that was real. >> my verdict it's fake.
8:53 pm
>> we think it's real. >> i love a hoax. >> reporter: we also love meltdowns. >> these damn bills come out of here all the damn time. >> we'll do it live! bleep it >> reporter: so when you combine a meltdown and a hoax, what's not to love. >> i can't even get a line out until dopey the bleep head starts whispering in your ear. >> reporter: jimmy kimmel was accused of being an accomplice, which he denied. >> you play 50 pranks and all of a sudden people don't trust me anymore. >> reporter: kimmel put dennis quaid's rant in daffy duck's beak. >> this is the most unprofessional set ever been on. >> reporter: but after a day and a half of meltdown analysis. the website funny or die debuted the full dennis quaid sketch, complete with a man dressed like a.nevermind. >> i can't even get a line out and dopey the bleephead is whispering in your ear.
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>> vicki: the oracle reno we will be hearing that from faraway. >> jason: the warriors won that they let him back in that. the data put their foot on the throw of the pelicans. >> brian: weather is turning cooler and we will see more cloudiness and fog the next couple days. but hopefully not grace guides for the warriors. but i'm just not really afraid
8:56 pm
of the pelicans. they just don't sound dangerous. will have a great start everywhere tomorrow morning. we'll have more cloudy weather for tuesday. there might be a few showers on wednesday and thursday but only a slight chance. the forecast for the next week is still in flux. >> vicki: that's it for the kron 4 news at 8. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news developments at or download one of our mobile apps. our next newscast is tonight at 11 o'clock. see you then. goodnight.
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>> jason: the oakland a's of verses the kansas roils gets ugly. the oakland a's and giants speak with our baseball expert bip roberts. sports highlight starts now. warriors looking to go up 2-love on the pelicans.


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